Cross Border Towing

At Bayview Towing we offer roadside transportation to any City, State or County in the United States Of America (USA). Whether you need your vehicle towed to the North, West, East or South of the US (or anywhere in between), we have got you covered!

We provide outstanding cross border towing services at a very low and reasonable cost. We have a great understanding of our clients’ cross border towing needs and wants, and we also understand the kind of quality that our clients expect with their towing services. Bayview Towing goes above and beyond regular towing standards in order to ensure that our customers are always happy with the kind of towing work that we provide, including our cross border tows.

Canadian and American flags

When crossing an international border, there are a variety of regulations and legal requirements that need to be met and adhered to. Because cross-border towing is far more complicated than regular towing within one country, it’s best to hire a professional to make sure the correct paperwork is done and compliance is fulfilled.

When towing across the border, the total transport distance is likely longer as well, which presents further risks. These long distances could involve trickier terrain than can damage a vehicle or its functionality. On top of that, trailers and large loads being transported by personal vehicles are prime targets for theft, which is especially dangerous when you’re carrying luxury goods.

When you choose Bayview Towing to haul your cargo across the border, you’re going with a trusted organization with over 30 years of experience. We’ve got all the necessary licenses, permits and insurance to cross the border, so you can rest easy knowing your cargo is in the hands of professionals.

*NOTE: For all unattended cross-border moves, please contact Dennis at or call 604-538-2032

– thank you!