Enclosed Trailer/Transport/Exotic

For the ultimate protection for any luxury or high-worth items while towing, enclosed trailers are the ideal option for transport.

Enclosed trailers are a top choice for any luxury vehicle (we often tow Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, and others) as they offer complete protection from cold, rain, sleet, ice, snow, and more. When moving at high speeds, loose rocks and debris can chip paint (or worse), so enclosed trailers are the best option to avoid these risks of accidental damage.

Enclosed trailers are also great for keeping any equipment safe. Lock up any expensive equipment or private possessions in an enclosed trailer that you want to transport. This will ensure you safely transport cherished items, keeping it completely hidden from any risky elements, and prying eyes too.

Contact us today to inquire about how we can help you with towing or transporting your high value items via our enclosed trailers! You can contact us by visiting our local offices, or by giving us a quick phone call.

You can also send us a written message either by e-mail (info@bayviewtowing.com) or by using our the form on our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from & servicing you today! Transport your high-value items safely with our enclosed trailers.